Our Preacher!


Dear Friends

My name is Steve Miller I am the Pastor of Pleasent Hill UMC in Lake Bruce Indiana. I have been the Pastor there since May of 2014. My wife is Mary and we have 5 children: Amanda, Emma, Nichole, Joey, and Rachel. We are formally from the Royal Center UMC.I want to thank you for allowing me and my family to come into your community, it has been a honor and privilage. We have met several people through activities we have done over the year an half since coming to Lake Bruce. For example The Spaghetti Dinners, Ham & Bean Dinners, The Ice Cream Socials, and the New Years Bingo just to name a few. We also have met lots of people through the Kewanna Parade and Christmas Caroling around the lake. We now know God has truly blessed us with the opportunty to be in this community. If we have not yet had the chance to personally meet you and talk to you, we want to apologize and pray that opportunty comes soon. I want everyone to feel as welcome to come and worship with us on Sunday mornings, as the folks in the community. The blessing you all make me feel reminds me of this passage:

Matthew7:12(The Golden Rule)

 So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the law and the prophets.
We ask for prayers and support as we continue to reach out to the community and look for ways to serve you and your needs physically and spiritually. Again, thank you for your never ending love and support in our ministry. Feel free to call anytime day or night. God bless and thanks be to God for all things! We look Foward to spending 2016 with you!