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We are a small town, country church with big hearts! Pleasant Hill United Methodist Church is located 10 miles East of Winamac, Indiana off of Highway 14. Watch for our Church signs along Highway 14! 

                       11941 W 75 N Kewanna, Indiana 46939

History of Pleasant Hill UMC

The beginning of Pleasant Hill Evangelical United Brethren Church,Lake Bruce, is probably know as the society called,"Greenland".It was so-called becouse of the common occurrence of Peter Overmyer, who was at the time a Baptist, singing, "From Greenland's Icy Mountain",on his way to worship as he crossed the sandridge of the present church site. For some years the society was also known by the name :Bruce Lake",being named after a small railroad town. The legal name "Pleasant Hill"was given to the society at the time the village called Lake Bruce was laid out on the west shore of Lake Bruce witch is one-half mile from Pleasant Hill Church.

The first meeting of this society were held in a log schoolhouse, located two miles southwest of Lake Bruce near what is now know as the Lake Bruce(Reformed) cemetary. It was in 1852 when the Reverend J.Keiper beganhis work herewitch was exceedingly difficultand seemingly fruitless. However, regardless of the great opposition and almost sure conviction on the part of the Reverend J.Keiper that all efforts here should be terminated, there were those who believed they should continue. In March 1853, a revival meeting was held here under the leadership of the pastor, the Reverend J.Keiper with his colleague, the Reverend S.Dickover, Presiding Elder. Although there still mingled feelings for the continuing of this work, and other difficulties against them due to the meetings, there work was greatly blessed. As John Stamm, a charter member, is reported to have startedit,"but victory came". For 20-22 people of varioussocial standings were happily converted, the majority of whom united with the Evangelical Association. A few months previous there was but a single member here an now approximately twenty, surely they could feel blessed of God. 

For an unknow length of time the society met in what was know as the "Greenland Schoolhouse"then located about one an one half miles west of the present church location".In 1880 it was decided to build a church. Building operations were promptly begun. This was during the Reverend J.M.Dustmans pastoral leadership. The land for this church site was purchased from Stephen and Nancy Jane Bruce for the sum of $1.00 on August 13,1880. 

Over the 100 years of Pleasent Hill UMC. There have been times of spiritual labor fought with serious difficulties and sacrifices, but beautified with joy in the service of Him whom we love and whom we serve.From that little group of twenty peeople fully dedicated to God, this congregation has grown and brought others into fellowship with Jesus Christ. With courage and determination may we look forward to the future in the Kingdom of God.

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